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Mind of Mine Oil Roller

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Size: 10ml | 0.338oz

We’ve decided to use Coconut oil again because we really enjoy the feel of skin after. We’ve paired Sweet Basil essential oil with Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi Herb. Alongside Fennel Seed essential oil and dried Chamomile. We know there are a lot of people at the moment feeling anxious so we wanted to brew an uncommon but still effective mix. There is no better feeling than being relaxed but still being able to focus. Once again, we have infused this we clear quartz to purify and energise.

Chamomile promotes sleep and relaxation.
Sweet Basil may calm the mind and relieving stress.
Holy Basil or Tulsi Herb is also great for helping to treat physical and mental stress.
Fennel Seed is for focus to be productive and soothing on the skin.

Here's how we like to use oils: