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Fern Tree Lane - The Empress Oil Roller

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Why ‘The Empress’?

 I chose this name after the Major Arcana card in the Rider-Waite Tarot decks. The Empress is all about maternal energy and nurturing. She encourages you to love unconditionally and unify your mind, body and spirit. She is the 3rd card in the deck and as an angel number 3 represents the road to growth and expansion.

 I paired this with Lavender because it reminds me of the maternal figures in my life – my mother and my Nan. They used to have these little bags of Lavender buds that I would keep under my pillow to help me sleep as I have always had issue from my earliest memory. I make the connection to The Empress as I also see my mother as the most beautiful women to walk this Earth: the same energy the card holds.

 Lavender promotes sleep and may ease anxiety. It helps with irritated skin and soothes blemishes. We have paired this with a Clear Quartz crystal to purify and energise the intention when you use this divine pair.

All 100% Australian Made and Vegan.

Lavender paired with Coconut Oil.