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Fern Tree Lane - 'Chill Out Lovey' Bath soak

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ake a moment alone with your body and mind.

We've paired Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) with Himalayan Salt and Bi-Carb Soda to let your body relax fully, while you relax your mind. A beautiful pairing between Calendula and Chamomile with a hint of Palo Santo essential oil. Alongside Clear Quartz to tie it all together. Plus, a hint of Lime and Coconut for you to enjoy. What's more enjoy than alone time in a warm relaxing bath?



Epsom Salt: Reduces muscle tension and stress.

Himalayan Salt: Flushes toxins and balance pH levels.

Bi-carb Soda: Helpful to soothe skin irritations.

Calendula Petals: Reduces pain and swelling/inflammation.

Chamomile Buds: Promotes sleep and boosts immunity. May also reduce period pain.

Clear Quartz: Balances and focuses the mind.

Palo Santo: Opens communication and calms the mind.


Please Note this is a single serve bath soak (20g)

Fill tub with warm water, add salts, stir to dissolve & relax.

Handmade in Australia and 100% Vegan.