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2021 Christmas Workshops

I've designed these workshops with a view to get back to these classes you will learn the fundamentals of chalk painting, the basics of decoupage using various methods, how to apply transfers, the importance of preparation and the selection of a sealer...which is best for your project.


There are several options available for you to choose from and they can be combined in a day and two classes..

If you would like to do two projects on one day then please select your second option during your purchase and use the code XMAS2 ..this will give you a two hour extension to your class and a 10% discount for your second option.


If you can't make it to a class then consider popping online and following a tutorial. These classes are designed so that you can complete the workshop in the comfort of your home or with friends in person or virtually. Each class is available to choose - online and postage is included in that cost. We send to all over Australia & New Zealand. 

Grab a friend and come say hello in Harrisville, wjhere you will attend a workshop in my air conditioned studio attached to my  shop.


Otherwise, I will see you online in the exclusive tutorial groups only available to those who choose the group option.



1. Christmas Tray 1 & 2 - both of these options combine painting, stenciling and applying a transfer. Whilst basic, perfecting them is the key. All materials included.

2. Christmas Home Decor - 3 designs to choose from. These cute little pieces can sit anywhere for the festive season. How to apply a stencil without a bleed and of course practice makes perfect. Flip the blocks over and change it up for your own decor. 

3. A Christmas Sign - a simple and quick project to improve and perfect your stencil application. Flip it over and make another sign for the everyday.

4. Christmas Stars - 2 stars to decoupage or paint, hang them on your tree or on display, give them as a gift...practicing your decoupage on small projects will only perfect your technique for the larger. 

5. A Christmas Chook - decoupage this cutie...a little bit of quirky to add to your Christmas fair whilst improving your technique. One chook only and we tackle both sides.

6. Upcycle Jars for Christmas - decoupage on glass can be tricky. Learn the basic techniques for future fun. Jars are provided for this class and then you can run away and do more.

7. Christmas Wooden Box - a quick and simple project to decoupage & stencil...use it for display at Christmas and store just about anything.