Birds & Bees Wax Paste 100ml

Birds & Bees Wax Paste 100ml

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Birds & Bees Clear Wax is a creamy paste wax. Not too hard and not too soft. The wax is easy to apply with either a brush or soft cloth & dries clear. 

Our wax creates the perfect protective finish for your painted and stained furniture.

Made from natural ingredients including pure bees wax from regional NSW/Victoria and a mix of oils including hemp oil. Our wax also contains a small amount of carnauba wax which helps to give the waxed surface a harder, more durable finish once cured. A carefully selected blend of essential oils means it smells divine. 

This wax is safe to use on all surfaces, and is non-toxic.It contains no solvents, preservatives or artificial colouring. 

Clear wax has a pleasant, honey odour and is packaged in 100ml size aluminium, screw top pots.